A Carlos Zarruck, executive president of the Colombian Chamber of Energy: “President Duque’s government is taking the actions and policy measures necessary to incentivize growth in the generation of energy from nonconventional renewable sources. In 2019, there were two auctions, the results of which are very relevant, because as a result of the awards, the participation of renewable sources in the energy matrix will increase from 1 percent to 12 percent in 2022, when these projects, of mostly solar and wind power generation, come into operation. This is an important challenge for the country, as the installed capacity of our generation matrix is highly concentrated in water resources (70 percent of total capacity). It is essential to work on diversification in order to mitigate possible risks of shortages when there is a high concentration in a single source.
In addition, because of our geographic location, we have several regions with a high generation potential in both the solar…

Tomado de: “el Energy Advisor, una publicación semanal del Diálogo Interamericano.”